Magic the Gathering Tactics is Pony

So having enjoyed the game Magic: The Gathering for some years, I was excited to hear that Sony would be producing a new spin off called Magic: The Gathering - Tactics. When it was first announced, I signed up to be informed about development updates and information about the release date, so I was pretty pissed off to discover that it had been released way back in January and I had never heard of it.

Anyway, whatever, I thought I would give it a go, so I headed over to their website, to be confronted with this:


Nice and tacky


Hmm...Looks more like an online poker room so far, but lets not give up just yet. Clicking the button results in the site attempting to install an addon into your browser.

Whoever decided software distribution through browser addons is a good idea should be taken outside and shot.

At this stage the installation process had become as pleasurable as a visit to the dentists...but now that it was done, it would take only two seconds to give the game a go, right?

First step of user signup

So first off, it wanted my country and date of birth. Fair enough...except their stupid custom drop down lists caused me to slip and let go of the mouse before I had gotten to the year of my birth causing me to select 1999 as my birthday. On a normal form, that's not a problem right? Unfortunately, the brainiacs at Sony decided the form should automatically submit the moment you let go of the mouse. I have no idea what purpose the Continue button is meant to serve if it does that.

World's stupidest form?

So the form comes back with "We're sorry, but you have indicated that you are below the minimum age required for signing up for a Station Account". Annoying, but no problem, right? Just open up the form again and fill out your country and date of birth again! Wrong. This form remembers what you set before, and always comes back to the same error message. So one slip up and the form automatically submits and you can't resubmit it! I think the best thing about this is the text "To continue, you must get help from a parent or legal guardian". So, if I was a kid and got my parents to help me, what are my parents supposed to do? The form is just as stupid regardless of the user.


So how do you get it to forget your previous response? None of the obvious tricks work. So I get this horrible, dirty feeling that Tactics has just been implemented using Adobe Flash and is using Flash cookies to store all it's information.

Better Privacy is a Firefox addon which will let you inspect your Flash cookies and delete them - so I load this up, and hey presto:

Better Privacy

Deleting all of the Flash cookies let me submit the form again and this time I made sure to get the correct year first go and it worked. Sadly, by this point I was so angry with the program that when I hit the next screen and it seemed that every username (what they seem to call "Station name") besides random characters had already been taken, I completely lost my patience and set about to uninstall it.


So I went to Control Panel, Programs, found Magic the Gathering: Tactics and hit uninstall, to be confronted with this:


Are you actually serious, Sony, or is this entire thing a practical joke? Am I sure if I want to delete C:\Windows\System32? I decided that they couldn't possible be that stupid and clicked yes.

Function status codes make great error messages

I'm reasonably sure I've seen malware that has been written better. So I try to track down where this POS was actually installed to on my computer and find out it installed it to C:\Users\Public

The normal place to install programs, right?

At least there was an installer in there which worked (or it claimed to).


Is this incompetence or does no one at Sony ever bother to test anything? From what I've seen here, they shouldn't be let near a computer.

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